We are Fabric

Ishika Bruce
Kady Odling
Martyn Cottrell
Ishika Bruce
Kady Odling
Martyn Cottrell
Ishika Bruce
Kady Odling
Martyn Cottrell

London-based photography collective Fabric, comprised of members Ishika Bruce, Kady Odling and Martyn Cottrell, work together to create images and present exhibitions.

The underpinning element that is integral to our process is our ad-hoc approach to collaboration. Designed to subvert any sense of singular authorship, our collective is a collaborative form of process, by which each individual makes images that inform and are informed by our fellow photographers’ work, resulting in an endless reinterpretation of each other’s point of view. 

Fabric has exhibited widely. Recent notable work includes solo exhibitions with Umbra Contemporary in Berlin; installations at The Art Gallery of Shoreditch; inclusion in the Photo Project, a survey of Contemporary British photography at the Whyte Gallery in Brighton; and exhibitions in Los Angeles, New York, Detroit, and Amsterdam.

In 2018, Fabric was awarded the Sylvie Kemp Fellowship in Contemporary Photography, and in 2017, the trio was long-listed for the Blackwood Art Award.

This example portfolio website features the work of the following photographers:

Andrea Leopardi  
Augustine Wong  
Bogomil Mihaylov  
Christian Perner  
Clarisse Meyer
Daniel Von Appen  
Dose Juice
Evie S  
Federico Gutierrez

Force Majeure 
Hadis Safari  
Ilya Trigubenko  
Jean Philippe Delberghe  
Karina Tess  
Leo Manjarrez   
Leo Manjarrez  
Max Bohme  
Nordwood Themes 

Oladimeji Odunsi
Panos Teloniatis  
Pawel Czerwinski  
Philipp Berndt  
Ricardo Gomez Angel  
Romy Rutten  
Taylor Leopold  
Tirza Van Dijk 
Velizar Ivanov 
Yannes Kiefer  

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