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Joseph matick is a guy.
He is a great guy if you ask some.
And certainly, if you ask enough people, there may be varying opinions. Though it is highly unlikely. He has written and published several books. He helped launch and creatively advise a small printing press that is now all over the world. 

There’s a world out there of poetic improvised performance that he hosted. It was every Sunday for several years. It was really loud and very helpful for me.

He advises clients on aesthetics using artistic direction and poetic expression. Every time I am around him, I feel quite inspired. 

He’s done all sorts of things, but right now he’s writing. He’s always writing and working on visuals. He’s got a great movie in the works. I can see it now. I hope you know you are loved.

Here are some of the selected clients and contributors to his story:

  • Canada Goose
  • GQ Style
  • V Magazine 
  • Heroine Magazine
  • The Philosophical Research Society 
  • The Institute of Contemporary Art Los Angeles
  • The Jack Kerouac School for Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University
  • Far West Press 

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